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Interior Design Scheme and Tender Package for New Halls of Residence





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Project description

St Marks Postgraduate Hall commissioned by University of Leeds in 2008 appointed Tiffney to develop an interior design scheme that would maximise the use of the student study bedroom and ultimately exceed the advisory guidelines for disabled accessibility and facilities set out in the current legislation.

Research and analysis of student-user steering group data by Tiffney, identified an increase in postgraduate and international student expectations for their accommodation above that of the undergraduate student. Furthermore her research identified that the private companies providing student accommodation have raised the quality of their interior schemes to mirror that of hotel interiors.

A number of key design features were identified to improve the design of the 14 square metre study room. Firstly there was a need for user-specific furniture layouts, to be built-in and allowing for an effective use of ‘dead space’. Secondly the study space desktop was maximised and a ¾ bed was integrated with under-bed and overhead storage, utilising the room heights and freeing up additional floor space. The solution was achieved after a research process which included an off-site test room with the furniture where spatial layouts could be user tested by students and university officials to provide feedback that informed and reinforced final design decisions.

The modular bathroom pod design was also prototyped in the factory, factoring in the need for easy access for maintenance and durability under heavy use.

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